Saturday, December 15, 2007

Another smarty

A chickadee, this time.

I have for some time had some tamer chickadees that will come down and eat from a small custard dish of seed held in my hand. One in particular is quite demanding, and will hover right in front of my face if I'm headed for the car -- like: "I'm here. Feed me!"

Yesterday, I saw my chickadee family in the tree, and extended my arm and the seed cup outside with the door only partly open, it being rather cold out. One of my guys came down and perched on the edge of the dish for a moment, turned, and gave my finger a couple of pecks, then flew off.

This had never happened before. On bringing the cup in, the reason became apparent: The dish was empty! I had forgotten that I had tossed the remnants in the yard with the intention of refilling it.

So: here was this bird giving me hell and saying "What are you trying to pull here! Fill the damned dish!"



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