Thursday, July 20, 2000

2000 July

  1. Some of the older Squirrels are getting a distinctly moth-eaten appearance. Half-tail is losing his fur around his shoulders.

  2. Had some black cherries, and tossed a couple to the Squirrels. Suspicious at first, but they were soon eaten.
  3. Put some mango rinds out. Squirrels loved it!
  4. I now have 4-5 Chipmumks who come by. Still, one or two don't know about peanuts. One 'munk has lost half his tail.

  5. As a family of Jays, adult + fledged chicks, flew off, I saw that one of their member was distintly orange in color. As they were flying directly away from me (to the sycamore tree), I couldn't tell what sort of bird it might be. By the time I got my binocs, it was too late.

  6. A Sparrow is forraging and feeding a fledged chick 2-3 times its size, and gray in color. A Cowbird chick? I have seen Brown-headed Cowbirds in the vicinity.