Friday, March 17, 2000

2000 March

  1. Titmice are really particular about the branch they choose as an anvil for opening the sunflower seeds that they seem to love. It must be close to horizontal, and neither too big around nor too small. Yesterday, I saw one smart Titmouse that was using a stick on the ground as his anvil. He would forage for a seed, then hop over to the branch to open it. I'm sure that used less energy that flying up into the tree to find a branch for each seed!

    Grackles today! Common Grackles, I think.

  2. My Robin is back again, today. There's in snow, slush and ice on the ground, and he's standing at the edge of the crowd feeding on the seeds I put out. I thought that he was watching in envy, wishing that he was a seed-eater, too. But, no: He was hunting! Suddenly he extracted a nice fat worm from the edge of the shallow puddle he was standing in!

    Earlier, when it was still snowing heavily, the Juncos had retreated to the Maple. One of them had a big block of ice frozen to his tail feathers. It obviously bothered him, but he didn't know how to get rid of it. He could fly, but with difficulty.