Monday, February 28, 2000

2000 February

  1. Suet block going fast now that the woodpeckers have found it. A pair of Downey's, recognized by their stubbier beaks. At least one of the Jays has learned how to take two peanuts at once. He first takes a smaller nut, and nearly swallows it, allowing him to take another in his beak. I've switched to a different seed, with no cracked corn. It didn't seem that any were eating the corn.
  2. Some of the Titmice have learned about French fries. If I bring home McD, I usually get a small bag of FF, and only eat a few. The rest I toss out for the birds, but I never saw who was getting them. I suspect that the Crows got most of them. This time, however, a Titmouse immediately flew down and very purposefully took a FF and flew off with it.
  3. Something has partially dislodged the suet block holder. A puzzle. A few House Finches came, but they concentrated on the feeder, which was empty, of course. They obviously knew what it was for, but didn't know that here the food is on the ground. A squirrel took peanuts from my hand for the first time.

  4. The suet block is now on the ground. Replaced it on its hangers. These are just two cup hooks. I may have to replace them with the sort that have "keepers" on them, as used in motor homes, e.g.
  5. The suet block mystery is solved, I think. I just saw a starling going at it. A bird this size might be able to dislodge it when landing or taking off.
  6. Saw a gray squirrel investigate the suet block. He unhooked it from one of the two hooks. I'll have to replace the hooks. Also saw a Titmouse after the suet block - which is almost gone now...

    Something new: A red squirrel!